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Week 2, Day 6 — El Araj (Bethsaida-Julias) Excavation Project

El Araj (Bethsaida-Julias) Excavation Project Season 6 (2022) Week 2 Day 6 (Friday) - We do not normally dig on Friday, but we are working around the National Park Authority's extraction of 3 dead eucalyptus trees. It was good to be back on site and working in the squares. Area D is deepening their excavation and finding remains from the Roman period. Towards the end of the day they found an intact juglet likely 2nd century CE. Another square just inside the northeast corner of the basilica and adjacent to the mosaics uncovered earlier in the week, today they uncovered a small basin, plastered on the floor and all four sides. It may be a baptismal font, but more investigation is needed. Other squares continue to make good progress as we dig down into the Byzantine layers. Two coins were found today. We are hopeful next week will bring promising results.

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