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Season 7 — Week 2, Day 5

El Araj Archaeological Excavations Season 7 - Week 2 Day 5 – Today was the last day of the summer excavation session. There was some last-minute excavating but mostly we were instructed “to clean” our squares, which means squaring the walls and sweeping them in preparation for photographs. While squaring a Crusader baulk, I came across a rounded piece of stone. The more I uncovered the more interesting it became. Then I realized it was not from the expected basalt or limestone. It was marble. As I uncovered it and eventually removed it, it was identified as the bottom of a marble leg from the altar of the Byzantine church. I thought it appropriate to return it for a photo in the apse of the church where it once stood. Our time together concluded with a group shot of the excavation team (minus a few who had to leave early). We resume excavating October 19-November 3, when the weather will be much more temperate, dare I say pleasant. If you have ever desired to be a part of the excavation of a biblical site, there are a few volunteer places still open. No previous experience is necessary. Registration will be closing soon, but there is still time. Go to the registration website and follow the prompts.

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