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Reports from the Field: Day 6 @ El Araj

Base of a Corinthian column.

El Araj Excavations Day 6 (Week 2/Day 2). Another good day. Among the pictures posted here you will find a panoramic picture of our site with two others that focus on Area A (with the Roman column) and Area B (which includes the 3 new squares this season). There is a team dedicated to each 5x5 meter square. Today there are many interesting finds: several lead fishing weights, three items found in very close proximity (a basalt serving vessel, the neck of a ceramic jug and a Byzantine "M" coin). Volunteers are instructed how to excavate their squares and also have the opportunity to work alongside the archaeologists. During the last 30 minutes of the day there were a flurry of finds: the base of a Corinthian column (which will need to be unearthed tomorrow), the bottom of a late Roman ceramic bowl, a portion of a Byzantine lamp, and a soapstone handle from incense vessel probably imported from Africa.

Example of Corinthian capital

- R. Steven Notley

Another lead weight

Basalt serving vessel, below the neck of a ceramic jug and Byzantine M coin.

Base of a late Roman bowl

Soapstone handle from an incense vessel probably from Africa

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