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El Araj Season 4: Day One (Week 3)

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Marble fragment from the Byzantine chancel screen.

Aerial of el Araj with Areas A and C marked.

Almost 40 new volunteers showed up today to build upon the team of Session One. Quickly we had a major find, a portion of the Byzantine chancel screen. Previously we have only found the base, but now we are finding portions of the screen itself. We continued to dig down in A5 and found a Byzantine M coin. The Byzantine mosaic discovered on last Thursday that belonged to the Church of Peter and Andrew is being cleaned and will be preserved under the advice of Yeshu Dray. Professor Dan Machiela from McMaster is here with his family. They worked in an area known to have Roman remains. Already on their first day they found a portion from a Roman period portion discus lamp. Area C continued to produce remains from the Roman period, including fragments from imported terra sigillata pottery.

Yeshu Dru does his thing.

Byzantine M coin.

Byzantine M coin.

Mosaic floor from Church of Bethsaida.

Mosaic floor from Church of Bethsaida.

Designs on Byzantine mosaic.

Professor Dan Machiela and family.

Discus lamp.

HK team at work in the excavations site.

Work in the new square of Area C.

Achiya Cohen-Tavor works with Zachary Wong in Area C.

Terra Sigglata imported pottery.

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