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Day 2, Season 6 of the EAEP

El Araj (Bethsaida-Julias) Excavation Project Season 6 (2022) Day 2 - Well, things are heating up! We hear about the temperatures in Europe, but nothing beats excavating in 100°+ heat (that is 40°+ centigrade for some of you) in humid conditions, 650 feet below sea level, and no breeze! The students and I are making progress to define our squares, digging down, already uncovering Byzantine walls with pottery and coins. As I mentioned yesterday, we are excavating just outside of the basilica walls to see if there are adjacent structures, and to answer some unresolved questions from the last season. There are interesting hints of what might lie ahead. More on that in the coming days. I include only a few pictures. We are still in the early stages of preliminary work and our large group of volunteers arrives Friday. Then we will expand our efforts and pick up the pace.

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